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Hours of experiential learning students have accumulated for college credit in one year
Committed to our mission
Years of service to Christ through scholarship and service
Experience Christ's Love

“Through my time at HU, I came to know Christ's love in a beautiful and personal way. I grew up as a Christian, but my faith became personal and meaningful to me during my time at HU. The love and encouragement I received from my professors, who challenged me and pushed me to do my best, gave me the confidence and courage I needed to take unfamiliar steps after college.”

Bria Warren (2021)

Opportunities Abound

“My HU experience has opened my eyes to so many opportunities that I would've never imagined without HU.”

Jocelyn Winebrenner (2024)

Preparation for the Future

“I took full advantage of the career center at Huntington where people walk through and prepare you for interviews, resumes, and life after college. This helped me get a realistic expectation for what it would be like after college. I also learned so much through my internships. They taught me a lot about my career.”

Caleb Jordan (2019)

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