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Student Experience: HU’s Biology Pre-Med Major

Becoming a doctor is no easy feat! As with many other career paths, the time dedication, organizational skills, and intelligence needed in this field are incredible. But before you become overwhelmed with the calling God has given you, Mica Allen has some insight!
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Bring in Spring with the March MCA Preview

As the chilly winter months in Indiana come to an end, Huntington University will be springing to life with Merillat Centre for the Arts events! Check out all the MCA has to offer in March.
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Music Matters

God lent us His creativity for a reason. Art brings life Art speaks when we struggle to find words, art sparks conversation, and, obviously, art gives us something to admire. However, I find music to be an especially fascinating medium. Music is more than something we observe; it literally gets into our heads.
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Need a Spark? HU Theatre Presents “These Shining Lives”

One of the women in the play says that everyone dies twice: once when their physical bodies die, but then again when no one remembers them. I am looking forward to keeping the memories of these incredible woman alive by telling their story of strength and courage.
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Walking Prayer

Often, I find myself praying in my head or under my breath, usually when a thought spontaneously arises or I just need to get the words out then and there. I do think it is important to find time when you can be still and pray without feeling rushed, but it feels nice to spontaneously pray throughout the day.
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Student Experience: Applying to the Department of Education

For those who are interested in HU’s Department of Education, a part of being an education major is applying to the department as a sophomore. It is part of the process of earning your education degree, and there are four components of applying to the department.
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Student Experience: Department of Nursing

When you ask someone at Huntington University what their major is, their eyes usually light up with passion for their chosen profession. I have found this to be especially true of nursing majors. One of my dear friends, Makailah Thompson, a junior nursing major and member of the HU Volleyball program, exudes the joy and heart necessary to be a nurse.
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The Importance of Prayer

Prayer focuses the heart and mind, and at Huntington University, our mission is to point to Jesus through our academic performance and service. Therefore, it would make sense that prayer is at the core of life at HU! While prayer occurs all over campus, here are three of the most impactful places where prayer happens.
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A Brief Guide to Our Minor Programs

Adding a minor is a fantastic way to diversify your skillset and attract the attention of potential employers. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide what to minor in. So, here are brief summaries for programs offered as minors at Huntington University.
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Student Experience: Department of Kinesiology

If you have a passion for health, nutrition, and exercise, HU’s Department of Kinesiology is the perfect place for you! A common misconception is that working in or being interested in nutrition and exercise is only for “fitness buffs” or athletes. Thankfully, senior Kalaina Stephens shed light on the Department of Kinesiology and why it has inspired her to aid others in the pursuit of wellness.