Huntington University Foundation

Founded in 1938, the Huntington University Foundation exists to support the mission of the University by promoting education and fostering a synergistic relationship between the University and the Huntington County community and surrounding area.

We accomplish this through

  • Raising awareness of Huntington University
  • Generating financial resources that will benefit the University and the community
  • Investing in Huntington County talent through an annual Hometown Grant
  • Assisting in the recruitment of students from the County
  • Enhancing students’ educational experience
  • Facilitating opportunities for students to remain in the area after graduation

Hometown Grant

Sponsored by the Huntington University Foundation, the Hometown Grant (previously called the HU Foundation Grant) provides $500-$2,500 annually to any aspiring Huntington University student who resides in Huntington County, regardless of need or income. Students are automatically eligible for this grant upon application to the University; there is no additional application required. The grant is renewable for up to four years for each student.

If you are a Huntington County student considering Huntington University in your college search, start your online application.

Investing in Huntington County Talent

Recipients of the Hometown Grant are proof positive that the grant is doing exactly as its name suggests: retaining hometown talent. These recipients tell us that they stayed in Huntington County for school and work because it is their hometown and they love to see the community connection grow.   

 “Just as I chose Huntington University because it was in my hometown, I chose to stay and work here also,” said Mindy Reust, Class of 1998. “I love our community and I love the people in our community. The pride and family connections in a small town can’t be beat.”  

Fund Drive

Since 1938, the Huntington University Foundation has raised funds to support a wide variety of initiatives, including the Hometown Grant. We have provided grants to hundreds of local students, totaling more than $1,000,000 in funds, since we began awarding grants in 1995.

All of this is possible because of community partners who are willing to join us in investing in local talent. Their support encourages students to pursue excellence through an HU education. We see the incredible potential these students have to impact their community — and we hope you do as well.     

Invest in Huntington County students!

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